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Omar Overcoat

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It’s hard to beat the timeless look of an overcoat, but The Mestizo takes it a step further with binakul-inspired patterns that give this piece a stand-out aesthetic – the perfect complement to your signature fall and winter looks. No fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe is complete without the stunning Omar Overcoat.
  • Available in two colors:
    • Graphite Gray is a classic combination that has endured in fashion and rightfully so – this Omar Overcoat is a timeless look that’s sure to enhance any formal look.
    • Tri-Color Tweed is a versatile piece that works well in a variety of themes. Wear this over light or dark colors and take your outfit up a notch.
  • Features matching collar and belt styles that showcase Abel Binakul-inspired textile designs that highlight exquisite uniform and interlocked geometric patterns akin to the waves of the sea and are said to help ward off evil spirits among indigenous communities.
  • “Abel” or “Inabel” are Ilocano words that refer to a weaving tradition that has endured since before the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. “Abel” originated from the Ilocos region and employs different design techniques including binakul and trambia.
  • Fabric used for this piece is designed for dry-cleaning and ironing with low to medium heat only. Please do not wash.
  • Made with a wool and cotton polyester blend for a luxurious fabric that’s warm and soft to the touch

This item is handmade in limited quantities by our team of artisans. Due to high demand, we may occasionally run out of available sizes and color variations.
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