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Eliza Piña Blouse

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The Eliza Piña Blouse is lovingly made with traditional Calado embroidery techniques, its intricate designs masterfully embedded in piña-silk fabric. You can pair this blouse with your favorite skirt or pants. The beige fabric makes this a versatile piece that works with any color, and the square buttons in gold give it a distinct modern finish.
  • Beige (Piña Silk)
    • The Eliza Piña Blouse in beige cocoon is a subdued and classic look when you want to blend in without blending in.
  • Mestizo-designed embroidery inspired by the Filipino calado, a style of embroidery from Lumban, Laguna that highlights open thread work patterns.
  • Also features striped patterns inspired by the traditional Filipino counted-thread embroidery style “Kayakas.”
  • Available in piña-silk fabric made from lustrous fibers of the Spanish pineapple.
This item is produced in limited quantities by our team of artisans. Due to high demand, we may occasionally run out of available sizes and color variations.

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