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Bohol Men's Barong Tagalog

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Indulge in modern Filipino luxury with The Mestizo's Bohol Men's Barong Tagalog Overshirt (Beige). This statement piece features a custom-designed, multi-color embroidery showcasing the Philippine tarsier and seashells, a tribute to Bohol's natural beauty. Crafted from premium organdy fabric, this barong overshirt boasts a comfortable, classic oversized fit with two layers for a touch of transparency.

  • Modern Filipino Design
  • Luxury Organdy Fabric
  • Multi-Color Bohol-inspired Embroidery
  • Classic Oversized Fit with Two Layers
  • ¾ Button Down with Round Neck Collar and Short Sleeves
  • Bespoke Designs Available (Custom Size, Color, Fabric)