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Manuel Chore Shacket (Teal)

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The Manuel Chore Shacket is the overshirt you need to complete that sunny spring outfit you’ve been picturing in your head. The embroidery marries imagery inspired by flowing water and flora – design concepts that embody flexibility and progressiveness, the same qualities that made this reimagining of the vintage Americana workwear possible.
  • Teal (Poly-Linen)
    • Subdued outerwear for a calm teal look that is both fresh and easy on the eyes.
  • Mestizo-designed embroidery inspired by plant growth and the movement of water. The designs illustrate the Platycerium grande (giant) and the Platycerium coronarim (crown), staghood ferns native to the Philippines.
  • Color palette for the embroidery inspired by the vibrant Mindanao “Yakan,” textile traditionally believed to drive away bad spirits.
  • Mestizo spreads the message of love and positivity with tastefully hidden designs that feature the words “I love you” (English), “te quiero” (Spanish), and “mahal kita” (Filipino) – an expression of love in the three languages that define the modern This is our own subtle way of connecting and showing our love and appreciation to whoever wears it.
  • Thick Heavy Poly-Linen with Printed Half-lining