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Juanita Ensemble (Sapphire)

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Inspired by Filipina elite fashion from centuries ago, the Juanita Ensemble proves that some style choices are just timeless. The fixed alampay gives this piece a look that’s synonymous with class and glamour, and that brooch gives it that extra touch of elegance that completes this fabulous look.
  • Available in two colors:
    • Sapphire allows you to finally show your sophisticated side, paired with a stunning beaded gray alampay
    • Onyx is perfectly complemented by the two-tone black and beige alampay for that formal dress that just screams mysteriously sexy
    • Rose for when your event calls for something bold yet classic
  • Dress design inspired by traditional clothing styles popular among Filipina elites during the Spanish colonial era
  • The Juanita Ensemble set comes with a left side-fixed folds alampay (pañuelo in Spanish) – a lace-like embroidered neck scarf worn over the blouse
  • Includes brooch for that added touch of elegance
This item is made in limited quantities by our team of artisans. Due to high demand, we may occasionally run out of available sizes and color variations.
Want a personalized piece made just for you? Message us for custom fits, colors, and fabrics.
*Brooch shown is a sample and not exact broach included in the set.