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Fernando Jacket

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You don’t need cigars to don the Fernando Jacket in style. This piece combines that refined academic look with a cozy vibe that’s perfect for when you’re lounging inside the comforts of your home or out on a casual night in the city. The trambia weave patterns give the Fernando Jacket a unique look and feel – you won’t be able to rest until you get your hands on this.
  • Available in two colors:
    • Brick Red jacket that fits well with dark and muted colors
    • Steel Gray jacket that’s versatile enough to work with both light and dark colors. Wear this one on top of a white motif for a classic look.
  • The Fernando Jacket features traditional trambia weaving techniques originating from Ilocos, Trambia pieces are often described as heavy but loosely woven in a round floral pattern, making this piece comfortable and breathable without sacrificing style.
  • “Abel” or “Inabel” are Ilocano words that refer to a weaving tradition that has endured since before the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. “Abel” originated from the Ilocos region and employs different design techniques including binakul and trambia.
  • Fabric used for this piece is designed for dry-cleaning and ironing with low to medium heat only. Please do not wash.
  • This clubhouse smoking jacket features a trambia weave body and a felt collar accentuated by comfortable cotton and polyester-based tetoron lining.

This item is handmade in limited quantities by our team of artisans. Due to high demand, we may occasionally run out of available sizes and color variations.
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