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Bulawan Skirt

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The Bulawan Skirt with eye-catching horizontal pleats is just what you need to spice up your wardrobe. The shimmer and glitz of the piece – perfectly summed up in its glittery exterior – is both luxurious in look and feel. Pair this with your favorite crop top, and everywhere you go turns into your personal runway.
  • Gold Shimmer (Peau de Soie)
    • Up the ante with the Bulawan Skirt in shimmering gold fabric. The metallic sheen of the skirt is purposefully designed to make you the center of attention, wherever you are.
  • Pencil-shaped skirt designed to highlight your natural curves for an extra touch of sexiness
  • Made with a metallic spandex fabric that is lightweight, comfortable, and is extremely form-fitting
This item is produced in limited quantities by our team of artisans. Due to high demand, we may occasionally run out of available sizes and color variations.
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